Så utrolig hyggelig å
ønske deg velkommen inn i mitt lille galleri  
Jeg har en stor lidenskap for å skape , og jeg maler abstrakte bilder i forskjellige utrykk og størrelser 
Intuitivt jobber jeg med farger og henter inspirasjon fra naturen og det vakre nordiske lyset som omgir oss

«Ett pust , ett øyeblikk av poetisk stillhet ønsker jeg å formidle i mine malerier»


Å male er like essensielt som å puste
Å male er like essensielt som å puste

Camilla Fransrud is a Norwegian artist . Born in Oslo in 1974, She moved to Trondheim , the heart of Norway, at the age of twenty, and has lived there for 27 years.
She has three adult children ,and family means a lot to her.
Ever since Childhood , she has had a deep and unique passion for photography, where she is self-taught . As a seven -year -old she owned her first camera, and she could stand at the beach for hours to capture the perfect moment. She is strongly connected to the ocean , where she today also has her day job

Trough her love for photograpic art , she also discovered her passion for painting . She started painting  in 2017, and she paints on canvas with acrylic, mixing her own colors. To create depth in her paintings , she uses chalk, palette knife , various textures and mixed media. She is also self -taught in this artform and has had three seperate exhibitions in Trondheim. , as well as a digital exhibition «Hysterica « in Milano and Fuerteventura  at M.a.d.s artgallery.She has also recived The International prize «Caravaggio Master of Art «in Milano 20.April-2022 for the painting «Salt of the Earth»
She has also being a part of the biggest Earth day event in 2022 - Tontazin- A call for Mother Earth . 
What she attempts to evoke in her art is that you can feel the painting in the fingertips , sense it , not only look at it . To her , the process of painting is just as essential as breathing 

Let me give you one breath , one moment of poetic stillness, she says. Working intuitively with colors, she derives inspiration from the nordic light. She wants to give you a space to dwell in, a place to enjoy and simply be. To her, it is important to paint with the heart , and her expression is both abstract and figurative .
She desires to touch your heart via her paintings , so that you feel and create your own dreams through the feelings she attempts to convey in paintings

You dont capture a picture , you create one . Let us create a beautiful world together , she says, and hopes that you will accompany her on that journey.